Ahtza Dawn Chavez

Executive Director

Ahtza Dawn Chavez is a member of the Diné Nation, born for Kewa Pueblo.  She is the proud mother to a teenage son and the daughter of Cari W. (Diné) and Everett F. Chavez (Kewa Pueblo).  Ms. Chavez brings over 10 years of professional fiduciary and investment experience within the financial industry. As the Executive Director of both the NAVA Education Project, a 501 c (3), and its sister organization, NM Native Vote, a 501 c (4), she oversees organizations tasked with educating and creating an Indigenous voting bloc in New Mexico, working with key organizations and governance within the state. She is the small business owner of IndigeLens Media, which focuses on showcasing Indigenous voices, enhancing tribal community, promoting social entrepreneurship and increasing visibility of authentic representations of Indigenous culture and language.  She has worked on various GOTV campaigns in Indian Country (Navajo, Apache and Pueblo) and with Urban populations, and is heavily invested in the fight for tribal broadband access.

She completed her undergraduate at Stanford University and transferred to the University of New Mexico in her senior year where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (policy). She then went onto to receive her Masters of Business Administration from the Anderson School of Business in 2019, and will receive her Masters of Studies in Law from the UNM Law School with a concentration in federal Indian law in 2020.

Her vision includes focusing on increasing civic engagement within Native American communities, continuing to collaborate and unify voter blocs while strengthen Indigenous sovereignty and control over our sacred lands. She also wishes to reinvigorate our powers as Native tribal leaders.


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