The New Mexico Indian Affairs Department (IAD) has issued a response plan to provide resources for the quarantine, containment of, surge preparation, and strategies for the outbreak of COVID-19 or coronavirus on tribal lands The response plan offers guidelines on activating an Incident Command Center, coordinating with Indian Health Service and the New Mexico Department of Health, testing, isolation and other issues in responding to the highly contagious virus. The plan also offers federal and state contact information.

The NAVA Education Project (NAVAEP) is also aiding in the response and has hired a communications liaison, April Hale, to help create and coordinate information for the state’s tribes. NAVAEP has created a COVID-19 page that will be updated as information is disseminated and as New Mexico-specific tribal resources are approved and developed.

Click here to download IAD’s response plan.

IAD has also developed a COVD-19 page for resources for tribes in addressing the virus.