We’re an Indigenous-led organization that informs and mobilizes our communities from the ballot box to the protest march.

With the effects of climate change, assaults on Tribal sovereignty, and threats to bodily autonomy, there has never been more on the line. Whether you’re a Tribal citizen, an organizer, a lawmaker, or simply for the cause — join us.


We work to unite Indigenous people in New Mexico and beyond to fight for the social, economic, and environmental quality of life in our communities on and off the reservation.

In partnership with our 501(c)(4) arm NM Native Vote — we collaborate with New Mexico’s Tribal communities including the 20 Pueblos, the Navajo Nation, Jicarilla Apache Nation, and Mescalero Apache Tribe.

We’re based in Albuquerque with a satellite office in Farmington, and often partner with other BIPOC and LGBT2S+-led organizations across the state.


Fighting for a pro-worker, pro-equity civic agenda
Protecting sacred sites revered for time immemorial
Defeating the climate crisis with a just transition
Protecting and advancing Indigenous voter access
Promoting Indigenous education and political participation


Indigenous people in New Mexico have endured centuries of extractive industry that wreaked havoc on the health of our people, air, land, and water. A clean environment is essential to our communities’ way of life — we know the cost of its destruction all too well.

Transitioning our Tribal, state, and local economies away from fossil fuel — as New Mexico mandates by 2045 — will require heavy investment in social and physical infrastructure, as well as investing heavily in re-training, education, and support for workers and their communities, who often live paycheck-to- paycheck.

Our Indigenous Energy Team works to inform people on the reservation and in the city of potential threats to human and environmental health, collaborates with Tribal Nations across the Southwest to build renewable energy infrastructure, and develops policy to help us combat the issue of our time.


In the 75 years since Indigenous people won suffrage in the state of New Mexico, we’ve sent representation to the state Legislature and Congress. Indigenous people helped elect President Joe Biden, who in turn appointed the first Indigenous Secretary of the Interior — Deb Haaland, from Laguna Pueblo.

Naeva played an integral part in getting the the first Native American Voting Rights Act in the country across the finish line, along with statewide allies who championed the New Mexico Voting Rights Act.


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